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This package contains our 17 favorite presets *Heimatliebe Vol. 2* for photo editing on the desktop with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC / Adobe Lightroom CC and for mobile photo editing with the Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app. These presets can also be used with the free Lightroom mobile app.

Preset Package "Heimatliebe"

SKU: 00003
VAT Included
  • The light is different for each picture, so always adjust the temperature and brightness a bit. Likewise, every camera is different and sometimes it also matters whether you took your pictures in JPEG or in RAW. Therefore, I show you how to optimally adjust the presets with 1-2 changes. 

    Our presets do  most of the work. With just a few clicks, the picture look can then be adjusted perfectly to your picture._cc78de -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


    1: Image selection:

    Select an image you want to edit:


    2: Select preset:

    As soon as you move the mouse over it, a preview of the respective Presets  is shown. Here you decide on the preset that best suits your image. 


    3: Exposure:

    After you have placed a preset on the image, it may already fit perfectly, or it may need to be adjusted a little. It often turns out,  that the brightness is not quite right, depending on the time of day or  under which lighting conditions your picture was taken. I prefer to take photos that are a little too dark, as this contains more image information than burnt-out areas that are too bright. That's why the exposure control is pulled further up for me.


    Tip: Make sure that areas do not burn out or only burn out slightly. Of course it also plays a role here, what mood you want to give the picture. Making it brighter afterwards is always possible :)


    4: Temperature: 

    This section is probably the most important.


    Depending on the mood of the light when you took the picture (sunrise, sunset, cloudy, rainy, sunny...), the light has a different "Temperature",  which you can easily set with the "Temperature " can change. Here you can set whether the image should appear warmer (yellowish) or cooler (bluish).


    Important: if you want, you can also adjust other parameters such as contrast, shadows and highlights, etc.! The way the preset looks best to you. 

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